Sports Therapy

VITAL Health Sports Therapy doesn’t just help you recover from injury, move efficiently or decrease your pain. It helps you to fill your days with the things you love without being held back so you can realise your full potential. Our goal isn’t to just treat your injury or fix your problem, but to help you understand what has happened and why. This means you can make the best decisions for your recovery now and reduce the likelihood of your problem recurring in the future.

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We can help you with:

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Neck Pain

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Back Pain

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Hip Pain

Exercise Therapy​ from Colchester Osteopaths

Knee Pain

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Shoulder Pain

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Can be revitalised. My better begins here.

Using both the anatomical expertise of hands on treatment and bespoke exercise plans, our Sports Therapy aims to reVITALise your wellbeing.

We have helped thousands of people take control of their aches and pains to experience a brighter, more vibrant pain-free future. Download our free guide today to see how you can get started on your journey to a brand new you.