Frequently Asked Questions

VITAL Health is recognised by all major health insurance companies. All fees are payable at each of your appointments, we will provide Invoices to enable you to engage with your health insurance provider. Please check the terms and conditions of your individual policy and obtain the appropriate authorisation and referral to confirm that your treatment costs are covered.

We will respect your dignity at all times. We always recommend wearing loose comfortable clothing if you would prefer to remain dressed and practitioners will always ensure you are absolutely comfortable before beginning any assessment or treatment.

No.  You don’t need a referral to see any of the therapists at VITAL Health.  We routinely inform your GP (with your permission) of the diagnosis and treatment plan via email and letter.

 It depends on the treatment.  Research does demonstrate that about 50% of patients are sore for 24-48 hours after certain treatments, but very rarely for longer than this.  Your therapist will give you advice about things you can do at home to keep the discomfort to a minimum, and on how much activity you should expect to do in the days after treatment. However, if you have any concerns at all, you can get in touch with our team who will be able to reassure and offer some guidance with optimal healing.

Sometimes treatment can be uncomfortable but your therapist will be asking for feedback throughout the treatment process and will respond should you find it too sore.

No.  Every patient is an individual with a unique set of circumstances and as such the therapist outline their recommended plan of care that is aligned with your goals after the first session.

We do book our Pilates classes in blocks as we have a small space for only 5 people and therefore it’s not possible to run a ‘pay as you go’ class.