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Holistic, whole body approach to injuries and pain

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Sports Therapy

Aims to rehabilitate and regain strength throughout the body

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Hands on massage has a powerful ability to transform the body

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Functional Medicine

Returning your body towards health and wellbeing

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VITAL Health aims to be the catalyst of change to a brand new you. We're confident that your better begins here.

We help you achieve body harmony and balance through natural remedies.

Hypnobirthing really helped me understand what happens in the body physically in terms of hormones & allowed me to then sit with the sensations in a positive manner. – Gemma

Dan and the team are amazing. After a few sessions, not only is my pain so much better, but my overall well-being has improved! – Natalie Fretwekk

After one session with Lauren I felt much more optimistic about my hip and lower back pain. A range of exercises combined with a course of treatment from her have improved my mobility and posture! – KD

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