The first question you may have if you have never done Pilates is “What is Pilates?” Pilates is a form of exercise which strengthens the body, keeping it flexible, symmetrical and aligned with good posture. This is all powered by creating a strong core. Pilates focuses on creatin good posture, this is vital to the correct functioning of the body and therefore a lot of Pilates exercises work on the spine and the core.

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Our classes are 60-minutes and have a 5-person maximum. They are completed on-site, and all equipment is provided, just bring a towel and water bottle. No experience necessary, they are taught by our wonderful Pilates specialist Lauren who will oversee and ensure you get the best from your workout only an initial assessment prior to commencing classes to ensure suitability.

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Pilates classes are a marathon, not a sprint. Pilates can be done by people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Take it slow, be mindful and patient and you’ll be rewarded with improved strength and confidence.

If you have any questions or want to find out if Pilates is the exercise class for you then give VITAL Health a call on 01621 927 645. Look forward to seeing you in class!

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