Dog photos showing health transformation

Health transformation

Look at the remarkable turnaround in the health of this adorable dog, Beauden, in just 28 days.

His new owners Jeff and Amy are great friends of ours, and they share similar principles to us when it comes to human (and canine) health. This same turnaround is completely possible for humans too! I’ve witnessed it happen many times for our clients here at VITAL Health.

One thing that holds some people back from such turnarounds is focusing too much on their symptoms. For example, just because the pain you’ve been experiencing in the past 6 months is in your shoulder blade region, doesn’t mean the solution is deep tissue massage of that area. Similarly for recurrent migraines – the solution isn’t a scalp massage or even ‘Migraine-Relief’ tablets.
The solution for both of these situations is a full assessment of what it is preventing the cells
of the body from functioning as they were designed.

You see, we are essentially a collection of cells. We are made up of roughly 70 trillion cells
and each of those cells requires the same things to do their job properly. If your hormones are out of whack, it is because there are cells that aren’t working correctly. If you’re having too many “senior moments”, it is because there are cells that aren’t working correctly. You get the point.

If our cells are healthy, our tissues will be healthy, our organs will be healthy, our systems will be healthy, and WE will be healthy.

The question then becomes, “What do I need to do to make my cells healthy?!
It turns out that cells only need three things to be healthy;

  1. First, they need to be able to make energy. A cell that cannot make energy is NOT a healthy cell. To make energy, cells need things like vitamins, minerals, oxygen, and the right amount of fuel.
  2. The second thing cells need to be healthy is protection from things that can damage them. If infections, toxins, or too much oxidative stress is present, cells are damaged and don’t work well.
  3. Lastly, cells need the proper environment to work properly. Even if they have energy and are being protected; if the environment isn’t optimal, cells won’t work properly. Under or over-hydration, pH, and their ability to communicate land in this category.

If you’d like to learn more about this ‘cellular’ approach to human health, get in touch by calling 01621 927645 or email to receive a short questionnaire that will help you learn what YOUR cells need more or less of in order to be healthy.