‘Accio’ Sciatica

If only summoning a cure to sciatica was as simple as simple as casting a Harry Potter spell.

Sciatica often causes every-day struggles with family life and the need to take time off work. Here are our four tips on what to do to get rid of sciatica quickly:

Decide to get help. It is easy to procrastinate and hope that the pain will ease with rest, pain killers or home hot/cold compresses.

Do the CORRECT exercises. One of the best things to help you ease your sciatica is to do the right series of progressive exercises. The right exercises will help reduce pain, allow you to move freely again and make sure that the problems don’t come back (or aggravate your back even more).
Avoid sitting and resting for long periods. While the temptation can be to lie on the sofa, it often results in awkward positioning leading to more stiffness and tightness.
Get hands on treatment with an osteopath – Osteopathy is proven to help people with sciatica. In fact, it’s one of the most common injuries we see.

If your back pain is affecting your job, your ability to keep active, if it threatens your independence or gets in the way of spending quality time with family and friends – we can help you to quickly get back to living the life you love.


Stress heads

Maybe you’re moody – or maybe it’s your adrenal glands.
Our adrenal glands play a central role in your endocrine system when it comes to regulating and reacting to your body’s stress levels. When they are functioning properly, you are able to effectively accommodate and react to the day-to-day stresses that you encounter.
However, if your adrenal glands are not functioning properly, it can affect your entire body negatively. Without proper regulation from your endocrine system, you may feel more prone to mood swings when stress levels mount.

Craving salty or sweet foods is not uncommon, as is a decreased ability to cope with stressful situations. Additionally, adrenal dysfunction can result in decreased energy, low libido, increased PMS/menopausal symptoms, constipation, a weakened immune system, and not feeling fully rested after a night of sleep.
Many clinicians will overlook the adrenal glands and monitoring cortisol levels in favour of other diagnoses but the Adrenal Stress Index test will monitor your cortisol levels over a 24-hour period and help identify if the symptoms you’re suffering from are due to adrenal gland dysfunction.
Get tested!