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This is an amazing story from our wonderful client Sandra who managed to achieve great weight-loss and recover from sleep apnea with life changing effects. Sandra was able to see the bigger picture when it came to her health and she wanted to be able to embrace her life again and live happily and healthy.

Watch her testimonial to hear all about her journey with VITAL Health and how she was able to commit to her health and see it as VITAL.

Gail and Phil

This lovely couple have been putting their health first here at VITAL Health for many years now. They started their care due to a number of aches and pains, but then those to take their health one step further and embark on the Metabolic Reset Programme. Their aims were to lose weight, reduce their blood pressure, and alleviate the need for medicines that were just minimising the issue and not fixing it.

Watch their testimonial on how committing to their health has transformed their lives and made them feel fitter and healthier than ever.

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Doris is a long-standing member of the VITAL Health family. After a major incident that ended in 7 broken ribs, a broken elbow, a ruptured spleen, and a punctured kidney, Doris couldn’t picture health in her future. We now have the pleasure of seeing Doris and Terry every month – all the way from Harlow! Doris continues to see us to maintain her pain-free lifestyle and feel strong and well – this has been crucial to her journey!

Doris is living proof that being committed to your health can produce amazing results and have you feeling fit even after 80!

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Gillian Blakes

Gill gave us a great review after her first treatment with us. She is now a loyal client of Dan’s and is even tailoring her diet after having her blood work analysed. Gill is a great example of a holistic approach to health – She will definitely be feeling happier, healthier, and brighter very soon!

Not only does Gill see the physical benefit of visiting Dan, she also feels comfortable enough to improve mentally and finds Dan extremely easy to talk to.

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